Clients in mainland China are supported by our local SecurityOperations Centre in Shenzhen. This centre provides for localised threat protection signatures, as well as local distribution of updates.

Regional service and Content Filtering centres are located around China to fully support product sales and service.



Network Box PRC
1602, West Tower, Qiu Shi Center,
Zhuzilin, Shennan Road,
Futian District, Shenzhen.
People's Republic of China



Telephone number: 86 (755) 3333 1380
VOIP / FreeWorldDialup: #472208 extension 356
Facsimile number: +86 (755) 3333 1386
Email: [email protected]
WWW: 三肖中特长期免费资料


Service and Support

Telephone number: +86 (755) 3333 1385
VOIP / FreeWorldDialup: #472208 extension 355
Facsimile number: +86 (755) 3333 1386
Email: [email protected]
WWW: 三肖中特长期免费资料

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