Global Intelligence


Network Box is represented across the globe in 16 Security Operation Centres (SOC’s). The SOC’s are supported by service centres that provide commercial and technical personnel. Service centres allow Network Box to react quickly to issues requiring a physical presence.


The SOC’s actively test that customers’ systems are working. Over 100 different tests are carried out on each customer system to identify any parameters that are moving out of normal tolerance. Furthermore, the SOC’s gather information from customer boxes allowing responses to new attack vectors to be devised as they occur in real time.


The global network of Network Box SOC’s monitors and manages every Network Box. Updated threat protection signatures and software packages are installed as soon as they are fully tested and available. Using Network Box’s proprietary PUSH technology, clients’ systems are updated within a minute of a solution being ready for deployment. The management and monitoring communication channels are protected by 3DES encryption and 2048bit RSA authentication keys.

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