Entity Management

Entity Management






The Network Box Entity Management engine allows you to group all your network users’ devices, such as iPads, iPhones, laptops, desktops, VOIP phones, into a single entity. Attributes such as such as MAC addresses, IP addresses, email addresses, are then tracked, as well as the network resources which they utilize. Comprehensive reporting and policy control facilities are then made available – all based on the entity.


The entity model itself is built and maintained by automated systems. It is an extremely efficient and effective technology to help you monitor, manage and protect your users and networks.


Entity Dashboard Screen

Entity - Dashboard screen




The Holistic Approach

to Monitoring and Management


Network Box’s revolutionary Entity Management engine completely redefines how users and devices are monitored and protected. The system presents a single holistic view of the activity of each of the entities in your network. For example; calling up ‘user x’ will show all firewall blocks, web accesses, network usage, email, etc; across the user’s desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, and remote VPN.


This can be also used for problem tracing. For example, when a user calls up complaining of a problem he/she is having, you can call up information on all that user’s activity, across all his devices, and show all policy control blocks for that user (regardless of device or location).




Key Features

Grouped into a single entity

All devices belonging to an individual end-user can be grouped into an single entity.

Holistic view

Presents a single holistic view of the activity, of each of the entities.

Easier monitoring, management and protection

Allows easier monitoring, management and protection of your users and network.

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