Mobile App

Network Box Mobile App




for iOS and Android


The Network Box Mobile App provides access to real time status of your Network Box systems, as well as the ability to create and respond to Box Office tickets directly from your mobile devices.


The App is now available, on the Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Please use the links below to download the FREE App.


The App is available on most mobile devices









Network Box

iOS App

Click the button below to go to the Apple iTunes App Store:


Go to iTunes Store



Network Box

Android App

Click the button below to go to the Google Play Store:


Go to Google Play Store








The App is fully integrated with the Network Box Notification System, and adds support for the iOS APNS (Apple Push Notification Service), and Google GCM (Google Cloud Messaging). By augmenting the Network Box Notification System, finer control of notifications can be applied:


  • Set-up notification schedules

  • Configure the type of notifications

  • Group boxes and notifications


NB App - Box Status screen

Box Status


NB App - Tickets screen

Service Tickets


NB App - Health screen

Internet Health



When you run the App for the first time, it will ask you for permission to send you notifications. If you answer OK, it will automatically create a Mobile App V5 Notification Contact Type, tied to your mobile device, for you to manage the notifications.




Key Features

Real-time status

Provides access to real time status of your Network Box systems.

Customizable notifications

Customizable alerts and notifications.

iOS and Android support

Support for both iOS and Android

mobile platforms.

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